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Dancert A/S


Dancert - The certification body of Danish Technological Institute


Supported by the Danish Technological Institute, Dancert A/S has established a position as one of Europe's professionally and technically most skilled certification bodies.


Dancert uses the vast professional competencies of the Danish Technological Institute for the benefit of its clients in terms of credibility, added value, and fair competition.

Dancert certifies products:

concrete products, mortar, aggregates, constituent materials for concrete, wood products, plastic piping systems, and insulations materials.

Dancert certifies management systems:

quality managment systems, environmental managment systems and SKS/AIA-systems. 

Dancert is accredited to all the above-mentioned activities. In addition, Dancert is notified under Construction Products Directive of the European Union so that companies certified in accordance with harmonised standards are allowed to CE-mark their products.

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