General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

Dancert processes personal data when carrying out certification activities.

We collect and use personal data according to GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Here you will find our Personal Data Protection Policy and our Cookie Policy.

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Who is Dancert A/S?

Dancert A/S specialises in certifications based on in-depth knowledge of companies' products and processes.

Dancert is the certification body of the Danish Technological Institute. Backed by the Institute, Dancert is one of the most professionally grounded certification bodies in Europe.

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How do you become certified?

To become certified, companies undergo a process which ends with them receiving a certificate from Dancert A/S, as evidence that the company meets all the requirements stated on the certificate (certification).

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Product certification

Product certification for production control systems to ensure that the manufactured products have specific properties. Within the EU, CE marking is r…

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The certification process

We need the following information for all types of certifications: The company’s name and address Legal entities covered by the application/quote …

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About certification

How can I become certified? - A practical guideline   Dancert A/S cannot normally issue certificates on demand which are not covered by a recognised s…

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