Dancert is a notified body under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in the following areas.

If you want to know whether Dancert has a notification for a particular standard, please contact us.




EN 197-1 

Admixtures for concrete

EN 934-2

Thermal insulation products

EN 13162/-71

Building lime

EN 459-1

Wood-based panels

EN 13986

Aggregates for concrete

EN 12620

Aggregates for mortars

EN 13139

Lightweight aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout

EN 13055-1

Aggregates for bituminous mixtures
and surface treatments for roads,
airports and other trafficked areas

EN 13043


Aggregates for unbound and hydraulic-bound
materials for road construction
and other construction work

EN 13242


Aggregates for railway ballast

EN 13450

Aggregates – Armourstone
Part 1: Specification

EN 13383-1


EN 845-2


EN 998-1 /-2

Blocks/building blocks

EN 771 del 1-3

Wooden rafters

EN 14250

Laminated wood

EN 14080

Grading of structural timber

EN 14081


Directive 2014/34/EU