Apply for a certificate

If you want to be certified, please contact us by telephone or email or using the form below. You will then be contacted by a Dancert employee. In order to be put into contact with the right employee from the outset, please state what type of certificate you want and what type of company you have. It is also helpful if you state which standard or set of certification requirements you want to be certified under.

The employee who contacts you will make sure you receive a quote for the certification. The employee will also tell you how to apply for certification, and the material you must submit in connection with the desired certification.
We need the following information for all types of certifications:

  • The company’s name and address
  • Legal entities covered by the application/quote
  • Locations/production sites covered by the application/quote
  • Number of employees (subdivided into locations and departments where appropriate)
  • Information about previous and current certificates – including unsuccessful certificate applications
  • Contact people, contact information

Application forms can be found here.

Please forward to

Various other information is also required depending on the type of certification. The auditor who contacts you will explain these requirements in connection with completing the application.

You can also arrange a briefing meeting, where you will receive further information about the certification process and an evaluation of progress in implementing the system and product standards. You can clarify any interpretation problems at this meeting.