About Dancert

Dancert A/S specialises in certifications based on in-depth knowledge of companies' products and processes.

Dancert is the certification body of the Danish Technological Institute. Backed by the Institute, Dancert is positioned as one of the most professional certification bodies in Europe. 

Dancert draws on the extensive expertise of the Danish Technological Institute to the benefit of companies' credibility and value creation – and to promote fair competition.  

Dancert certifies products:
concrete and masonry products, plastic pipe systems, sand and stone material, wood products, insulation products, etc. 

Dancert certifies management systems:
quality management systems, environmental management systems, KLS/AIA systems.  

Dancert is accredited for all the above activities. Dancert is also notified under the EU's Construction Products Regulation, so that companies certified under harmonised standards can CE mark their products.