Certification committee

The certification committee has the job of upholding Dancert's credibility, including:

A) Ensuring and confirming Dancert's impartiality
B) Advising on general guidelines, including policies and procedures for Dancert's operation
C) Monitoring Dancert's certification activities, including that:
 – certification is performed in an unbiased and non-discriminatory way
 – certification is performed in compliance with established policies
 – certification fulfils its purpose

The committee consists of:
Bjarne Overgaard, Bedsted Lø Grusværker ApS
Mads Sørensen, Dan-Element A/S
Tonny Dalsgaard, DLH Danmark A/S
Christian Munch-Petersen, Emcon A/S
Rasmus Ingomar Petersen, COWI
Kaj Bryder, Danish Technological Institute, Energy and Climate