New CEO in Dancert A/S: Lars Bennedsen

Lars Bennedsen has taken on the role of CEO for Dancert. This comes as a result of Dancert's former CEO, Jørgen Baadsgaard-Jensen, choosing to retire as of January 1, 2024.

We are confident that Lars will ensure a continued positive development of Dancert for the benefit of our certificate holders.

We hope that Lars will be well received by our business partners.

ATEX - Certification and Type Examination

Dancert is an impartial ATEX test house, designated as notified body in Denmark (Notified Body no. 1073 - ExNB).

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Personal certification of structural engineers

Dancert A/S offers accredited personal certification of structural engineers. 

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Who is Dancert A/S?

Dancert A/S specialises in certifications based on in-depth knowledge of companies' products and processes.

Dancert is the certification body of the Danish Technological Institute. Backed by the Institute, Dancert is one of the most professionally grounded certification bodies in Europe.

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How do you become certified?

To become certified, companies undergo a process which ends with them receiving a certificate from Dancert A/S, as evidence that the company meets all the requirements stated on the certificate (certification).

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02-01-2024 New CEO in Dancert A/S Lars Bennedsen has taken on the role as CEO for Dancert A/S. This comes as a result of Dancert's former CEO, Jørgen …

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Product certification

Product certification for production control systems to ensure that the manufactured products have specific properties. Within the EU, CE marking is r…

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The certification process

We need the following information for all types of certifications (companies): The company’s name and address Legal entities covered by the applic…

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About certification (companies)

How can I become certified? - A practical guideline regarding product- and system certification Dancert A/S cannot normally issue certificates on dema…

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