Product certification

Product certification for production control systems to ensure that the manufactured products have specific properties. Within the EU, CE marking is required for a number of products through product certification. There can also be cases of product certification not linked to CE marking.

CE marking

Dancert is notified and accredited to perform the activities necessary to get an EC certificate, as documentation that a product meets the requirements of the related harmonised European standards. Once the certificate has been obtained, the product can be CE marked. The marking consists of a logo and an accompanying text. The logo is the same in all cases.

The path to CE marking provides a detailed description of the options and what requirements exist.

Product certification without CE marking
Product certification without a CE marking is carried out as a product certification based on a recognised set of requirements, and following completion the company can obtain a Dancert certificate. This is the customers' security for quality that fulfils the requirements, as the company has to have implemented quality management appropriate for the production.