Certification of plastic pipe systems – including for drinking water

As of 1 January 2015, Dancert A/S – the Danish Technological Institute's certification organ – has become a partner in the Nordic INSTA-CERT group, which certifies plastic pipe systems in line with Nordic Poly Mark and covers pipes for drinking water, drains, sewage, gas, etc.A new Danish certification scheme has also been established, called DK-VAND, which shows that pipes and other components are suitable for use with drinking water supplies. This scheme replaces the discontinued DS scheme, and complements the regulatory GDV requirements that apply to water systems in buildings.

Nordic Poly Mark is a label that ensures that a number of requirements for plastic pipe systems are complied with, through third party monitoring. The certification is a pan-Nordic system aimed at monitoring and managing the standards used to document the properties in a wide range of plastic pipe systems and associated components. If you are not familiar with the label, look down next time you pass a pipe excavation. If it is a pipe for drinking water, drainage, gas, etc., it will normally carry the label prominently.

Nordic Poly Mark certification is managed by INSTA-CERT, a pan-Nordic certification body. The original partners were the standardisation organisations of the Nordic countries, but today they are Nemko in Norway, SP in Sweden and Inspecta in Finland.

As of 1 January 2015, Dancert has become the Danish partner in INSTA-CERT, after Danish Standards transferred its certification activities.

INSTA-CERT's activities, organisation and conditions are explained on the http://insta-cert.net website.   

The website also lists the pipe systems that meet the certification conditions for Nordic Poly Mark.

A new Danish certification scheme called DK-Vand also entered into force on 1 January 2015. The scheme ensures that pipe systems meet the requirements for use in drinking water supplies which Danish water utilities (via DANVA) and plastic pipe suppliers have agreed on, and which correspond to the regulatory requirements for installation components in buildings – the 'GDV scheme'.


The Danish Technological Institute is a member of the steering committee for the DK-Vand label, and Dancert is the formal certification body.

The pipe manufacturers who have permission to use the DK-Vand label on their products appear indirectly on the INSTA-CERT website, and a complete list is shown on Dancert's website. 

For more information about the new schemes Dancert has become a part of, contact audit team leader Flemming P. Steenfeldt via email or tel. +45 7220 2116.
Flemming P. Steenfeldt is Dancert's representative in INSTA-CERT's certification committee.