System certification

Certification of a management system is almost always carried out in line with an international standard, such as ISO 9001 – Quality Management or ISO 14001 – Environmental Management. 

ISO 9001 - Quality Management      
All types of enterprises (private or public, large or small) can obtain a certificate in line with this international standard. A certified quality management system can be used to document uniform product quality to customers, and by the company leadership as evidence that work is carried out in line with set procedures that involve setting and following up on goals, etc.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
If a company obtains an international environmental certificate based on this standard, there is a focus on the company performing regular environmental improvements in relation to the external environment. The company signals that, as a minimum, it complies with all the requirements of the environmental authorities, thereby creating a positive image among stakeholders – including the environment inspection authorities. Any type of company can be certified under ISO 14001.