Personal certification - Innovation Manager

Dancert offers accredited personal certification for Innovation Managers.

Dancert offers accredited personal certification for persons who have received training as an innovation manager/leader using the standard ISO 56000 - TS/EN 16555 as the basis for management/leadership of innovation in companies and organisations. As a certified innovation manager, you receive documentation proving that you have in fact obtained the competences needed for an innovation manager.

You can find out more about the certification scheme here: Certification scheme - Innovation Managers

An application form can be obtained here: Application Form - Personal certification


Submit the form to: (incl. attachments stated in the form)

The price for the certification in 2024 is DKK 6,000 excluding VAT. The fee must be paid even if the certification is not successful.
Furthermore, there are fees to be paid for the required training by the relevant seminar provider.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

A description of the process for handling appeals and complaints regarding personal certificates can be found here:

Process for Handling Appeals and Complaints