About certification (companies)

To become certified, companies undergo a process which ends with them receiving a certificate from Dancert A/S, as evidence that the company meets all the requirements stated on the certificate (certification).

How can I become certified? - A practical guideline regarding product- and system certification

Dancert A/S cannot normally issue certificates on demand which are not covered by a recognised set of requirements, but there are still many options.

Companies that are considering becoming certified by Dancert A/S can find information on the basis for certification for the given product area in:

The certification process is explained in the flowchart. The chart shows that Dancert A/S is happy to take part in an informal briefing meeting before the company decides to apply for certification.

The aim of the visit is to provide information about Dancert's work and experience and the choices to be made before applying for certification. Problems in interpretation can be clarified, and the current stage of fulfilment of the certification requirements can be assessed together with the company.

Dancert can also perform an indicative assessment of whether the company's documentation material meets the certification requirements before the company applies for certification, and estimate the costs and time schedule.

In addition to the product or FPC certification, Dancert A/S can help put together and coordinate the 'full package' for the company:

  • ITT (Initial Type Testing)
  • Technical documentation
  • Compliance documents required in connection with CE marking and export to the EU
  • FPC manual