Supplementary terms

Supplementary terms and conditions - product certification:

Supplementary terms and conditions for product certification, issue 13, April 2020

Supplementary terms and conditions - cement for industrial use:

Supplementary terms and conditions for certification of cement for industrial use, January 2020

Supplementary provisions - ATEX quality modules:

Supplementary provisions for certification of ATEX quality modules, 2016

Supplementary provisions - doors and windows:

Supplementary provisions for certification of doors and windows, June 2019

Certification provisions - Glasindustrien GTC - Insulation glass units, issue 2, April 2020

Supplementary provisions DK-VAND:

Supplementary provisions DK-VAND - Certification of products for drinking water supply, issue 2, May 2021

Appendix 1 - Examples


Personal Certification

Description of the certification scheme for Personal Certification of Structural Engineers: 

Personal Certification of Structural Engineers, issue 7, October 2020