The certification process

If you wish to be certified by Dancert, please contact us by telephone or email. You can also fill out the 'Certificate application' form on our website. You will then be contacted by one of our auditors with expertise in your area. We are also happy to help with the application process and can give you a quote for the activity.


We need the following information for all types of certifications (companies):

  • The company’s name and address

  • Legal entities covered by the application/quote

  • Locations/production sites covered by the application/quote

  • Number of employees (subdivided into locations and departments where appropriate)

  • Information about previous and current certificates – including unsuccessful certificate applications

  • Contact people, contact information

Various other information is also required depending on the type of certification. The auditor will explain these requirements in connection with completing the application.

When we have processed your application, we will send a written acceptance together with a general time schedule for the certification. You will also receive information on which Dancert employees will be involved in the various sub-processes. You will then have the opportunity to raise any objections you may have to the composition.

According to the time schedule, the certification process will normally be completed no later than 13 weeks after the application date, unless the evaluation or audit identifies non-conformities that delay the certification process.

Briefing meeting
If desired, a briefing meeting can be arranged during the application phase where you can receive information about the certification process, and an evaluation of progress in implementing the system and product standards. You can also clarify any interpretation problems.

Taking samples for testing
For some types of certification, items must be selected for testing. These must normally be selected by the certification body. The auditor will inform you of this and agree on a time for sampling, if required.

Submission of quality manual, etc.
During an application for certification it is normal procedure for the company to submit all the necessary materials.

This includes a quality manual (FPC manual) containing the necessary procedures, inspection plans and descriptions of responsibility and authority, as indicated in the current certification requirements.

You must also submit self-inspection results for a period of three months, together with an evaluation of the results. If certification is applied for before these results are available, it may be possible to issue a certificate, on the proviso that the company is monitored more closely during the first three months, and that a follow-up audit is held after three months.

In cases where there is a requirement for initial type testing, these results must also be submitted if they are available. 

Evaluating the submitted material and sending an evaluation report
When we have received all the material, we evaluate whether the documentation received fulfils the certification requirements. We also evaluate whether the system is cohesive. We then prepare an evaluation report, where any non-conformities are specified exactly, with a detailed description of which certification requirements have not been observed. We also report observations on any matters where there could be doubt about whether the certification requirements have been complied with, which will depend on a more detailed investigation.

If we discover non-conformities, we will report these to the company with the evaluation report. You must then indicate how the various non-conformities have been rectified, e.g. by referring to the documents that have been corrected. The corrected documents must be enclosed.

Pre-audit for management systems
If you apply for certification of management systems, a pre-audit must generally be held. During this pre-audit, we assess the quality assurance system implementation and the company's readiness for completing a meaningful audit. Our auditor also assesses whether the planned audit team matches your company.

The certification audit
We normally agree on the date for the audit well in advance. We forward a programme for the audit at least one week prior to the audit.

The certification audit is normally carried out by an auditor team consisting of 1-2 people. The main elements are an introductory meeting, auditing, an auditor meeting and a closing meeting.

We must have access to all relevant rooms and information. It is necessary at all points of the audit for an authorised person, management representative or other employee authorised to acknowledge non-conformities on behalf of the company to be present.

If non-conformities are discovered during the audit, we will prepare a non-conformity report. Non-conformities must be acknowledged by the company's management representative at the closing meeting.

If the management representative refuses to acknowledge the non-conformity, we note which objective testimony the parties disagree on and why. The non-conformity report, including a description of disagreement, must be signed by the management representative. Dancert's senior employee will then report in writing whether or not we uphold the non-conformity.

Submission of any non-conformity reports and the audit report
The audit team leader prepares an audit report which we send to you following the audit, together with any non-conformity reports. If there are non-conformities, these must be handled in accordance with Dancert's rules before we can issue the certificate.

Once everything is in order, we will issue a certificate stating:

Company name
Production site address
Product types covered by the certificate
Relevant standards
Scope of the certification