New rules for the certification of doors and windows

New supplementary provisions for the certification of doors and windows
- new supplementary certificate

New challenges for manufacturers of doors and windows

These last, we experience great challenges in the market for doors and windows. Among other things, we recognize stepped up energy requirements and an intensified focus on burglar-proof elements. The current climate agenda demands that all companies become up to date and reduce their carbon footprint; in addition, the intense focus on the UN global goals set new requirements for the social responsibility of the companies.

Furthermore, we experience an increase in competition as a result of the common EU provisions and the open market in Europe. 

The above sets great requirements to the window manufacturers’ innovation and readiness to adapt of. 

Stepped up requirements for certification bodies

The certification services of Dancert are intended support the development of the companies and society. The certification is intended to help companies to fulfil the expectations by customers and society.

The common European standards and CE-marking provisions set new requirements for certification bodies. At the same time, there is an intense focus on the importance of certifications not limiting the free competition. This has put pressure on many existing certification schemes, especially the certification schemes controlled by industrial organizations must expect to be put under tough pressure. As an example for the increased pressure on certification schemes, we can mention that RISE in Sweden has recently informed that the current Swedish certification scheme for “P marking” of several products will end. 

New certification provisions with emphasis on innovation

The Danish Technological Institute and Dancert serve to act for the benefit of business and society by developing and making available technological progress.

Therefore, we have to be ahead of the technological development and the development in society in general.

In our opinion, there is a need for new certification rules, which can boost innovation and in the long term ensure added value and fair competition for the certified companies. 

With this in mind, we have developed a new set of certification rules, which are described below: 

-      Room for innovation

The new provisions focus on functional requirements – not on process requirements.

The window manufacturers must have the freedom to determine own production methods and processes for the control and supervision in the most effective manner. 

-      Simplification

The new certification provisions are brief and take up no more than 20 pages. This makes it easier for the companies to keep an overview and satisfy themselves that they meet the requirements. 

-      Respect for EU provisions

The Construction Products Regulation determines the requirements for the assessment and verification of the performance for the characteristics determined in the harmonized standard EN 14351-1. The EU provisions do not allow an overlapping between harmonized standards and certification schemes. The new certification rules do not overlap in this manner. 

-      Long term safeguarding of impartiality

In order to ensure the credibility of the certification, it is important that everyone can trust that the certification is impartial and independent and that all companies are treated equally.

We have assessed that the best way to safeguard the impartiality is for Dancert to draw up and continually develop further the certification rules ourselves. In this way, any suspicion about the limitation of competition and improper considerations is avoided.

 -      Flexible implementation

The new certification scheme does not step up the requirements; instead, they first of all give the companies more freedom and flexibility. Therefore, all companies that meet the requirements for certification according to the technical provisions for DVV (Danish Window Verification) will also meet the new certification provisions.

Hence, the companies are not required to meet any new requirements in order to obtain a certificate. 

-      The DVC mark is maintained

The DVC mark (Danish Window Certification) has been a synonym for quality and reliability since 1992. The DVC mark is known and recognized by all stakeholders in the construction industry.

Companies with a certificate in line with the new provisions can continue to use the DVC mark.

Transition to the new certification provisions

Dancert has already obtained the DANAK accreditation for the new certification provisions. Accordingly, we can offer a supplementing accredited certificate with reference to the new Dancert rules to all companies, which currently have a certificate in accordance with the technical provisions for DVV. 

We will start sending the new certificates in August. The issuing of the new certificates is free of charge.

During the coming month, we expect to have sent new supplementing certificates to all companies, which currently have a certificate referring to the technical provisions for DVV. Hence, you can expect to receive a new supplementing certificate within the following month.

In the long term, we expect that the certification in accordance with the current technical provisions for DVV will be phased out in such a manner that the certified companies can fully benefit from the new and more flexible certification rules of Dancert. 

Last but not least…

Our long-term colleague Bjarne Sørensen, who has been the technical manager for the window certification since 2004, will also be the technical manager for the certification activities with respect to the new rules. Due to Bjarne Sørensen’s experience of many years, he will be a guarantor for continuity and solidity. We also plan to train several additional auditors, to assist Bjarne Sørensen in making the new certification scheme the success that you deserve as a certified company.

Link to the new supplementary provisions for the certification of doors and windows.

In case of questions or comments, please contact either Bjarne Sørensen: +45 7220 1140 or CEO Jørgen Baadsgaard-Jensen: +45 7220 2320